Thursday, 22 January 2015

Your Wheelchair and more

Yesterday was a day I took a step back form being with you Meg, I just had to as I stil have this cold and not feeling well. So in the morning  your father was there to be with you during the therapy. Fysiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech/ communication therapy. You wil be going to get a very special portable computer. Here you can type words and  a voice wil speak it out for you. when we buy a simcard to it too, you wil even be able to send sms text messages! Your eyes starated glazing while hearing that  :)  However it is a costly thing and a delivery time between ordering and delivery is 2 weeks, but due to first needing a agreeding with insurace it wil most probably take 6 weeks at least... many froms to fill in.... i hope you won;t be needing it by then... that you are able to speak again...

A second problem is your wheelchair it is now a borrowed one from this centre, but since a few days you cannot sit long in it anymore, Did you grow so much lately??? Or is the seat to slippery?? You wil need a personal one, adjusted to your needs and messurements, but who wil pay for it? One says you need to ask the special desk in the cityhall of our village. Only rules changed since January 1th, 2015....  I think before we get an answer we wil be weeks further...... and then ordering  one... fitting, adjustments.... I forsee  you wil be laying in bed only as sitting in the wheelchair now isn't comfortable to do long... sigh.

In the afternoon Jacqueline and her daughter were with you while I was in my appartment, cleaning, relaxing and talking with  E. whom came for a visit to me. It felt good to really talk in person to someone, instead of through chat, whatt's app or fb, Words cannot be mis understood as the expression of a face is there too. I missed this kind of visits. Visit in Meg's place is different, I want to keep away sorrows and chocking things from" Meg's bed" as much as possible.  Dear Meg, you don't even know everything about what happend to you. We told you,  you had a car accident while crossing the street, The psycologist asked you Meg now you know this are you angry? answered  by looking to No. Are you sad about it? Yes.

I am very proud you weren't angry when you found out about the accident. I cannot be angry either. It was an accident, one with too many "coincidences ". It could have been me driving there too,  having to deal now with what is happening with you now, The person whom hit you is also a victim of the situation. He was brave enough  to get in contact with us asking how you were doing. We had a good talk before we took him to you back then in the mediumcare section. The only strange thing in that situation is we never heard anything from the first car whom started crossing the street and stopped when he saw that car coming. I think you just thought it was safe to start cycling, crossing the road when he started driving.....  you not noticing he stopped.......

Anyway back to yesterday, While I was in the Ronald McDonald appartment C. came, asking if I could come down for a minute, You were there, pointing you wanted to go up..... You knew where I was staying! I had taken you there  before once and last Saturday your father and aunt took you here too, just for very short time. We pushed you up the hill went inside and took off the coat and blankets, Time for some drinks :) you noticed a Lego freinds building and wanted to see how it was build, You always loved playing with Lego.

After your dinnerbreak I arrived at your room and seeing your smile when you see me is always giving me so much energy, made my headache go away too. I asked about your day, you answered with a thumb up = Yes or a hidden thumb = No.
You have one super favourite programm at tv it is a Dutch teenager program called: Spangas. It is about students in your own age at highschool. It starts at 18,55 and when I forget you know how to make it clear to me, asking for the controller and adding three fingers in the air. Your grandmother took a lollipop with her day before yesterday and now everytime we watch spangas you want it.... adding it in your mouth by yourself, like a teenager :)  makes me really happy you are able to do so again. I know you are back, never been away, it is just your body which needs to learn things again... but I am in good hope and trust you wil manage.


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    1. Sorry Ingermaaike, Ik heb je comment per ongeluk verwijderd... moet er nog inkomen :(
      Je schreef "kon er maar zo een 3D stoel geprint worden" Dat zou ik ook van harte willen.... maar ja....

  2. Ik krijg meer en meer het gevoel om een "crowd-funding" op te zetten. Er zijn een aantal kostbare apparaten nodig voor Meg. Om nu, nu Meg al zover is gekomen, te moeten laten wachten op de bureaucratie van minimaal 3 instanties (!!!) om verder te kunnen of om zelfs achteruit te moeten gaan (in bed blijven omdat er geen passende rolstoel is!!!)... te zonde!

    1. I think it's a great idea! (sorry I can read Dutch but not really write it). With more than 500 people liking the page it should be doable.

  3. morgen gaan ze nog eens kijken naar de stoel, misschien geeft een kussen al uitkomst en schroeven aan of afdraaien ook....

  4. My dear Kim, I just noted you've a new blog and I'm going through the English versions. Glad that Meg is on the mend and improving. I'm sure she will pick up very much with you and your family's tender care.
    You're always in my thoughts and prayers.


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