Friday, 23 January 2015

a "Regular " day

Dear Meg,
Yesterday morning I was little later as 9:40h at your place as I had to take out the laundry from the washingmachine and from the drying machine. The laundry place is downstairs and in an open visiters place, During the daytime the place where I am staying is also in use by people with a small disfunction. They have some kind of daycare job here in a social project. They help with making the place cosy with flowerarangements, bake cakes, clean the place, create things to sell, water the plants work in the garden and so on.

Your aunt Stannie was chatting with me before and she decides spontaneously to  come over to you. Asking if it was ok with me, She arrived there first. Even though you had  company from her, your smile when seeing me did me good.  You were sitting in a normal, plain chair, working so hard to keep your back straight and your head up high, Physiotherapy started at 9.00 o'clock for you. It always starts by doing exercises with your right arm first, then move to your right leg while laying in bed and then the left side too. After that is done you are lifted into a normal chair or you are pulled onto another bed/ table. Sitting in the chair I described above, but the table is something else. This is a special table, which can be added vertically. When you are laying on it, you are tightened to the table under your breast, over your hips and knees and ankles too I think, not sure about the ankles.... anyway when all "ropes"are well attached, the table is being verticallised, so you slowly start to turn. this cannot be going too fast as you get dizzy. Your blood now runs, due to gravity, faster down as while sitting. We hope that you soon get used to it, and when so, you will need to stand for a certain time like this few times a day, most probably watching television as distraction.....

After this therapy session you were tired and went back in bed. I asked you if you wanted some applecake your other Aunt Selina brought day before, a thumb as a Yes,  I got as answer  :) Had to take a plate and a small fork in the kitchen. Making small pieces of the cake. You took the fork yourself and added a small piece in your mouth. Seeing you do this amazed me every time. Few months ago you couldn't even move anything.  This feeding yourself is therapy itself too. You pointed with your finger towards a cup with water and a straw through the lid, you were able to hold it and drink from it yourself, I just need to tell you, to eat, chew and swallow the stuff inside your mouth, sometimes the bigger pieces are too difficult (yet?) to eat and you want me to take it out.

Noticing it was nearly 10,45 time for your next therapy: Ergonomics,  We lifted you out of your bed into your wheelchair. this therapy is better while sitting straight in your chair. we had some time left and i gave you my tablet with keyboard attached to use, you wanted to have a look at facebook, sweping over the screen with your finger... my sister was amazed  :) You also checked you tube as that was in my internetbar too. When the clip didn;t fancy you, you stil knew how to move on to the other.  The therapist came and I asked about that speaking computer, what if she by the time it came was speaking? wasn't it better to buy a tablet like mine having more functions after the type-words-speaking program isn;t needed anymore?  She saw now for herself how Meg was using mine. Everyday it goes better and better.... The therapist said I now understand what you mean, I am going to discus with the other therapists and rehabilitation doctors what is best for Meg.
Ergonomic did also exercises with you righter arm, hold it in the air, not leaning in between, and tapping to her hand after she moved it to variousplaces in the air.... another excersise was to touch your right ear, your left ear, your nose, your left hand: When you couldn reach you were clever!! you just lowered your head!! That was cheating and you knew it as when we told you so, you started laughing (wihtout sound), But you were fair enoug to try it again with your head up straight, only then you couldn reach every spot.... you just missed few cm but with practice it wil come back , I am sure.

After that it was lunch break, you normally use to rest til 15.00u, no music, no tv, no light, but silence..
At 13:15h We, your dad and I,  had a talk with the social worker. From 14,30 you were up again in your chair.  And we listened to carnaval music, took care of you, played a card game. You father left, going home so Janna wasnot  alone at home too long. You were lifted into your bed again took care of you and at 17.15h  I went to have some dinner made by my mother. Nice of them to come by in my appartment. you also rest between 17.00-18.30h your father and Janna were already with you when i came in at 19,00h. I had  a call and  talked longer as i thought :) anyway we had extra visiters too, N, N, and J, were there too on June 6th, they visited you in the hospital and now again. You played a game with cards together, you laughed a lot.

Around 20.00h I start praparing you to go to sleep. Brush your teeth, comb your hair and place you on a side to sleep. A kiss and a hug and I am cycling back to my appartment in the mcDonalds place. Me feeling happy to fall into a chair and sit...  checking my mails and other messages, write a new post for tomorrow... time flies and before  I know a day has passed again....  Sweet dreams Dear Meg and Janna!

ps. I really hope my writing is understandabole for everyone....  use the translate tool if needed in the right sided bar....


  1. Geweldig dat je dit iedere dag doet en beschrijft.............

  2. I'm happy to read your diary of the good progress of Meg. Keep up Meg and Kim.


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