Saturday, 24 January 2015

a Talk

Today, dear Meg, I needed some time for myself... My appartment had to be cleaned too and your laundry  needed to be folded and ironed too. Meanwhile your father was with you during the Fysiotherapy and Speeking/ communication therapy. So again you were not alone.  Your aunt D. came to visit you shortly. We were also unexpectedly  invited to talk with the doctor at 14h. .
Yes sometimes days cannot be predicted how everything goes...

We talked about you, Ofcourse ;-) your six weeks observation time is nearly over and then we hear what they are planning to be able to do with/ for you/ us. I really hope they can also say something about the future, how long wil you be staying there? When wil you be able to come home again, even for only 4 hours or a day? I am not greedy.. asking for a complete weekend. I would love to do so,  but also not.
Little confusing right? It is for me too. I wiĺl explain why. I know how to take care of you. I am sure I can take care of you. But during the night you are also turned to other sides every 2-4 hrs as you don;t move your body by yourself... So when you come home for a weekend, I think I wil be also responsable for turning you during the night ... I am not sure if I am having enoug energy to do so, to be honest, So lets start with a few hours or just a day, slowly...  when the time is right ......

You heard me talking with the nurse about chosing a heighschool for Janna and to which school you would have been going, but never went. later you asked me by using the lettercard, if you were stil able to go to school? and in specific that very special  Waldorf school, you wanted to go so so badly... You were on a reserve list and they called me in Novenber, telling me they had a spot for you now as someone else left....... How hard it was for me to tell them you would jump in the air of joy to hear you were able to go there, but your life changed......
Heartbreaking moment for me to know you stil want to go to that school... I don;t know if you ever can... if you wil be able to go there still... and many more questions.. What to say to you?  I told you you wil go back to school eventually, but first concentrate on the therapies and practices....
Still long way to go.

I am keeping the faith Xxx

Friday 23th of January

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  1. I typed lots, but think I allready told you all about the visit... She loved it and had a good time, hope that (nearly 1,5 hours) with my kids didn't tire her too much!


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