Sunday, 1 February 2015

A move

Dear Meg, yesterday they told us your room is needed upcoming week for new participants in the rehabilitation centre. You had a double room as you had therapy in your room and space needed with your wheelchair, etc. It was a luxary and we knew we had a chance you had to move over . So today was the day again I had to move all your clothings, teddybears, stuff we took along to stimulate you and pictures. It was your 6th move....  and it looks as if you and I are getting used to move, nothing is a guaranteed thing. We just undergo it and accept how the situation is. You showed your thumb up when I asked if you liked your new room.
You got a nice vieuw outside while laying in your bed now , in the other room the window was to far from your bed. Feels good  now. You pointed out the tv is closer to your bed :)  very important for a teenager , hihihi

Last week i was felting a cape/ vest for you, it isn;t finished yet, stil need to felt the arms. It felt good doing so, but it also made me realise how different our lives are now. stil need to figure out a new way of living.  I do mis being creativ, it was like breathing for me, created something every day. Nowadays I am just too tired or not inspired to make anything. We are not yet at the end of your rehabilitation. I cannot make plans for long term, just live day by day.

This weekend i also visited a new school for Janna. you heard us talking about it and spelled out with our lettercard: "Can I stil go to school? " I hope you can, For now first getting back your body functions like walking, eating and hopefully also talking, we wil see how far you wil come, it wil be o.k. where ever you reach a border. Next week we wil visit another school with Janna, hopefully that feels better a this one, but it wil be Janna's choice. She has to go there everyday, not us.

Anyway, upcoming week a week with again 2 to 3 therapy's on daily bases. Live goes on....

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