Sunday, 15 February 2015

Reaction to a visit home

The night after you visited your home again you sweat a lot and was very restless. In the morning when I was there again, you wanted to have a bath after you were finished with breakfast. A tosti :)
There were many kids needing attention of the nurses, so when Janna came in she helped me getting you in bath... Although everything she wanted was watch a movie on my tablet....
So while you were in the tub, she was watching a movie, you also wanted to watch too.. hmm how to find a solution???  I used a bathpillow, turned it upside down placed it on the taps and there it was a nice movie place :). I don;t know how long you stayed in the water and Janna sitting aside, both watching the film... but Meg, you nearly fell asleep again... so after bath, they tried to give you some lunch but you were again too tired... you slept til 15.00h. You father and best friend Mae and her parents came.

During dinnertime you kept eating... In the morning you asked about the tube going inside your belly. In Dutch it is called a (P.E.G. sonde ) This tube is going directly into your stomach for liquid food, You got it since beginning of September 2014. And now you asked the nurses to get it out.... They answered it can only go out when you eat enough by yourself. I think you now knew what to do.... so proud of you!
In the evening and days after your visit home, we descided better no visit for you anymore for few upcoming days, as you were visuable tired of it and thinking about it.

From Wednesday onwards your liquid food during the day has stopped, only during the night you get 650ml and the rest of what you need is in your food and special drinks.
You tasted them all, with vanilla, strawberry, chocolat or banana flavour. I think chocolat is your favourite so far.... hope the feeding during the night also stops soon.... you like to eat and taste everything again. Cooked food, soups, cake, snickers, mars, twix, chips, candy , etc.

thursday morning after I Took Janna to school and delivering a gift I enjoyed this drive in the fogs very much. 

During last week I also got a talk with the doctor I hoped to take you to the Carnaval parade in our village on Monday, Incognito dressed up in a van along the route somewhere where not many people are but half way that week I realised that would be too much. The same the doctor adviced too. He said it is too much for Meg. A pity I know dear, Meg, you were so looking forward to it, but we wil find a movie from it on You Tube I am sure.
We were allowed to watch the school carnaval parade here in Houthem on Friday. When I cycled towards you, I heard Carnaval music and people getting ready. Out of the blue I felt so sad and had to cry... How life has changed so much. Thinking of 2 years ago, when you were the princess carnaval of our village, How would you react to see this parade? ?
At 10 the parade started first off the grounds of Adelante and we waited for it to come back again. Standing outside at a building where I can take you for shelter in case of panic or so....
You were already dressed up as a minion, with your special medaillel :)  the parade came, with small kids first and then the harmony group. I had to cry again a double feeling, happy to stil have you sitting in a wheelchair and all, but also regret as no jumping around for you and me this year.... I stil hope you wil one day be able to have fun again during Carnaval like you used. Fingers crossed.

Saturday eve you knew the new Prince, Princess and Adjudant plus their guard of eleven, were having a reception. It would have been your turn to help during that eve with storing away the presents the new princess was going to get. Janna was instead of you and we had a skype session, so you could see it all too. But I also saw frustration for the first time from you. You wanted to show them your medaille, but no one had time...  and light was bad so not much to see, only hear. you pointed out text to me, but were so fast i couldn't keep up with you.... sorry dear Meg, you had to start all over.. I ended the skype session and prepared you to go to sleep by listening to calm music and brushing your teeth etc. Sleep tight.

Today Sunday 15th, I heard you only slept from 02:00- 8:30 I bet thoughts kept you awake. It was very sunny weather and you wanted to go for a walk outside so i packed you up and rolled you outside. We went out twice today, Love seeing you enjoy being outside. We always end up in my appartment here in the ronald mc Donald house. You discovered I have sweets to eat, hihihi  Good to have you here around. I don;t have a moment rest, but  I was able to prepare some of my dinner  :)
Hope you wil sleep wel this night, Till tomorrow dear sweet Meg. Janna is celebrating carnaval with her cousins and nieces. I hope she wil enjoy it, she deserves it. <3 Have fun to you all whom celebrate carnaval or whom are on wintersport.  Enjoy life, I do so too different as before but that is fine too.


  1. Karnaval ik natuurlijk moeilijk voor haar met die herinneringen aan vorig jaar. Maar wat goed dat ze het toch kon zien en............wat goed dat ze nu vast voedsel eet.
    Moeilijk lieve Kim maar blijf sterk.
    De tijd komt dan dansen jullie weer samen.................

  2. Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right has left a new comment on your post "Reaction to a visit home":

    Dear Kim and Meg,
    Celebrate each and every obstacle that is overcome. I know that at times it must be so frustrating for you dear Meg, and hard for you as her mother, too, Kim. I know that there have been many things, such as the Carnaval that you wish to be a part of (I remember those fun photos two years ago, Kim ;-), and it will come. But, the eating and your continued determination is a really good sign and I am celebrating that with you today....from all these miles away, you are loved and thought of often. Persevere are making strides in the right direction.I am pulling for you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that is the same all around the world from all of your friends and family....both near and far. Sometimes healing takes longer than we'd like. Give yourself permission to dream big dreams during those times. I can tell that you have a very strong will and determination, Meg....That will take you far in life.
    Sending lots of love,

  3. dank je wel Martine ik weet het gewoon geduld hebben...

  4. Thank you very much dear Dawn, I appreciate your nice words very much <3 (by accident i deleted your comment but luckily i had it in my mail too, so copy and paste... )


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