Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A first visit home part 2

Meg was very enthusiast going home. She told everyone who came to her about it, spelling it out on her letterboard or with her allora a speaking computer. But we had to keep it secret... I had promissed no other people No grandparents, no either one of my three sisters, no cousins or nephews, no friends. When I left Friday eve I said tomorrow I'll be here 15 minutes sooner as normal, 09:15 as I want you to be packed up for a ride.... Janna and me went to the appartment here in Houthem and we watched a movie and went to bed. I was awake every now and then, excited and afraid.... loads of questions and feeling of responsibility. What if  we don't do like I promissed? How wil you react?

Saturday February 7 th: I slept some, but was happy to be able to get up and have breakfast with Janna, Let's go !! While waiting for a nurse to open the door for us I took a deep breath, relax, Try not to mirror my feelings on Meg. When we came in the kitchen livingroom , Meg was eating a tosti made of a small bread :) Happy to see us as she knew what that meant, she kept an eye on the clock turning to it every now and then.... Yes nearly time Els would come....  Doorbell.... and who was there???

We packed you in warm in your wheelchair. My coat's back to the front, your own scarf and hat and your mascotte: your teddybear also had to go with you. Outside we watched how the bus opened its doors and you were rolled upon the electrical elevator. Inside your chair was clampsed to 4 sides and you also got a second seatbelt. Janna wanted to sit beside you, so I went to sit infront. During the ride I watched you now and then and you were smiling all the way. When we were closer to home you recognised more and more. Knowing you were nearly there.... Since June 6th you wasn't in Bunde, 7 months from home and that at your age ;-)

We stopped infront of the house and we took you out of the bus, Your father was awaiting us. We said goodbye til later to Els, and we went inside. Through our garage. Hearing the little bells when the door opened you knew yes that is the sound of home. I always knew when you were coming from school when I heard the bells Janna was talking and filming you, I took pictures and your father was pushing your wheelchair. We entered the house and were in the kitchen. I said let's try screaming of joy again!! You opened your mouth but again no sound but a big big smile... we drove you into the livingroom and you were looking at everything again, and pointing towards the pc.... No way we first celebrate with some cherrycake. so we sat at the table. you pointed out you wanted to be changed trousers. so back into the livingroom, lifted you onto the couch ( not good for our backs doing so often)  and changed your trousers.

I bet you overheard me telling the nurses I had an extra trouser along. I also bet you just did it on purpose so you could lay down on the couch  :) it is fine by me girl <3 then it was time for the cake. You ate half of it and then pointed again to the pc. You wanted to check your new facebook account and you wanted your cousin and grandfather to come. She helped you with fb. You chatted with Janna whom was 2 mtrs behind you with her laptop and some friends. Then it was time to go back home again. Time flew, but it was long enoug for you resting time.

The neigbours knew you were coming and were outside. You were smiling because of all the attention. It was already past 12:00h that was the moment you should have been back....  I drove off before as I had to pick up my keys. I had more plans for that Saturday.. I had to visit an open day from a school for Janna. no time for lunch.... finally you came back in the Valkhorst clinic and you were visuable tired (exhausted? ) I wanted to put you in bed but you had to get some lunch (which I heard you were too tired to eat),,, and I had to go. So we said goodbye in the doorway, Wishing you sweet dreams and a nice rest. In the afternoon when Janna and I came back to you, half hour later as normaal, giving you more rest. We all were very tired but played a cardgame. At 17:00h It is dinnertime and we have to leave you (rulles)  coming back at 18:30 after I had cooked dinner and sat down for a short time....  Janna was too tired and stayed in the appartment and I went alone to you we saw a movie (partly) and wrote everything down in your diary. Wishing you good night and sweet dreams. I got a huge hug and kiss from you <3

What a day it must have been for you! I just imagine myself not being home for 7 months and coming home for just 2 hours and having to go back again..... I know you like it in the Valkhorst clinic from Adelante, but still. When will you be allowed to be at home for a longer time????  Like past 7 months it is just live by the day and no longterm plans. You are the leading Lady. First see how you react to this visit and then we will know....

Tomorrow part 3 the after visit.


  1. Wonderful post Kim, so moving and exciting for you all. Xx

  2. it is so good to read Part 2 of this momentous next step and I look forward to reading the next part(s)! xx

  3. Wat een mooi verhaal kim van deze bijzondere dag voor jullie. En wat ziet Meg er goed uit, en Janna ook natuurlijk als hele trotse zus. Wat fijn om te zien en lezen dat het met kleine stapjes vooruit gaat. Wat zijn Meg en jullie ook super sterk. Liefs karin en een dikke knuffel van Nina voor jullie allemaal

  4. Wat een mooi verhaal kim van deze bijzondere dag. En wat ziet Meg er goed uit en Janna ook natuurlijk als trotse zus. Wat zijn jullie sterk! Liefs karin en een dikke knuffel van Nina voor jullie allemaal.


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