Sunday, 22 February 2015

a Week revieuw

Last week it was a holiday week for schools. Some people were bussy with celebrating the catholic festivities called Carnaval. Others want to avoid all that and went off for a week wintersport vacation. For you Meg it was again a week with therapy everyday. Fysiotherapy for one hour, from 9-10 you have to move your legs, arms and body (everything with help) but I see progress :) You practice sitting straight on bed,legs hanging over the edge,  hard work for you, using many muscles which had vacation for a long time.

The advantage of being in a rehabilitation centre during the vacation is that there are lesser other children, so it is more calm and quiet. One eve the other 2 boys went to the cinema with a nurse and you stayed there... I descided to have a movie evening too :) Rolled your bed into the livingroom, placed you to one side of the bed and Janna jumped in your bed too. It was so good to see you two so close together again. I had to "serve"two princesses now, but that was fine with me. you wanted an apple. so I washed and cut one for you both. Janna was ofcourse faster in eating it. You meg were waiting to be fed, but Janna was just saying, you can pick a piece of apple yourself with your fork!.... hihih good practice in a playfull way. I don't know if you saw the whole movie... was it:  How to train your dragon? " I cannot remember anymore....

On Wednesday February 18th you got your first music therapy. After some time you relaxed more and were less shy. Karin had a microphone with her and invited you to sing along, It was nice to see your interaction. We didn't hear any sound from you, but I am sure it wil come. It needs time.

Thursday was a day with a visit to the hospital for new X-ray pictures. As we don't have a car for a wheelchair, the nurses organised a wheelchair taxi, We asked to be picked up at 10,30. Appointment was at 11.15. At 10, the taxi was already there.. you just finished your fysio.... Anyway we packed you in and in the taxi driving to the hospital, You were watching outside, enjoying seeing familiar surroundings. In the hospital we were way too early and we went to the restaurant, you noticed a seat infront of you, and for me,  you suddenly stretched/ lifted your leg to place it on the seat. You smiled because I was so amazed :)    when it was nearly time we went to the flowershop of Miranda and she had seen you while you were in the medium care so she now was very happy to see you again. the flowers I placed in your main livingroom were gone and I asked you what color of flowers do you want? Red you typed... Miranda made a bouquet of it and we left for your xray. There they made pictures to check if your fracture in your left arm was healed properly. when we got out I caleld the taxi to tell we were ready to go home.... first she said it wil take one hour.... oef, I said that is long, Meg normally needs to rest at 13 h. She asked for a moment and when she came back to her phone she said in 30 minutes there is a taxi. We felt lucky :)

The drive back to the rehabilitation centre was one with flowers, self chosed grapes, and a present for Jonas, whom was going to go home from Friday onwards. we arrived at 12 just in time for your lunch. You were laughing about the things Jonas was telling you. In the afternoon you were all playing your special card game..... Jonas, his brother Jente, the new boy Milan, the nurse A. and you. It was good for me to see you were having fun. A pity Jonas was allowed to go home... but he deserves that too... and he wil come by now and then.

Friday morning you were anxious waiting for very special visit to come. Jacqueline with a new golden retriever puppy,Beau, were going to come. She is going to train this sweet dog for visits in clinics and old peoples homes etc. You were the first one for the dog to visit and you loved it! you were brushing it and after awhile you said let's go outside.... The weather wasn't bright at all, windy and cold, but it didnot stop us. Janna, Charlotte her friend, Jente and Jonas and you in your wheelchairs We played a ball game, was it soccer or handball, hard to tell a mixture with together made rules, fun to watch and the small Beau was running everywhere....  a great moment <3
Friday eve it was calm there. Weekend started and that means kids whom can are staying over at home. You asked me when can I go home too? I couldn't answer, I explained I have to ask the doctor again. Wait and see.

This eve, Saturday 21th of February, while I was preparing you for sleeping one of the nurses said you reminded her you needed medicins while eating... I felt proud of you again dear Meg!! Again a small step forward as you remember you need medicins at a certain time.


  1. Kim, thank you for sharing your journey to getting your daughter well - you both are heroes!!!

  2. Great good to hear. Cheering for you! :-) from way around the world here in Tucson, Az. USA The land of sunshine and saguaro cactus. Spring is just starting and the desert flowers are all blooming yellow and orange. Will have to send you photos on FB!

  3. Hoi Kim! Wij hadden sportvakantie vorige week, maar ik werkte de hele week en besloot daarom met Milo in het weekend weg te gaan. We waren ad zee. Kivik in Ă–sterlen. Jullie zijn daar ook vaker geweest. Ik kan me nog herinneren dat we daar Megs verjaardag vierden in de duinen. Of was het toch Janna? Hoe de meisjes rondrenden over het strand en in de duinen samen met Pepe, zandkasteeltjes bouwden en de tenen in het koude water doopten. Het waaide nogal, maar zo'n heerlijke dag was het! Zat gisteravond nog naar jullie fotos te kijken, ook van die in Astrid Lingrens wereld. Wat waren de meisjes daar nog klein :-)Heerlijk dat je meedeelt over de stappen die Meg dagelijks maakt! Wat fijn ook om te lezen dat Meg zo straalt, terwijl ze zo hard knokt! Geef haar een hele dikke knuffel ♥ Es

  4. Thank you dear Kim. I love your postings and how great that Meg is progressing.❤️

  5. Yes, thank you Kim; I really appreciate your updates too; so glad to hear about the many moments of progress..and especially about the little dog, Beau, that Jacqueline is training ! xxx


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