Monday, 27 April 2015

A concept post from weeks ago...

This is a post I started writing weeks ago, beffore I went to Scotland with Easter, but I wanted to share this as it is also part of this time in my life.

It has been a while that I wrote a blogpost. It has been quite hectic I must admit. And thinking back on the last weeks I cannot even remember precisely what happened or  whom I talked with. The thing   do know is that is was calling a lot with our social worker, the office of unemployment  and asking advices etc . I argued with the ones close to me, as I also had a day with no energy or positiv mood to get up and do the things I had to do. Just felt very tired...

Some of my ex-colleques, better said freinds  now,  treated me on a farewell dinner. They chosed to go to an indian restaurant in Sittard. We had wonderfull foods and a lot of laugher. Thank you Angelika, Cecile, Danielle, Florence and Jeroen I had a very nice evening. that night also the clock went to summertime... one hour less sleep... But a longer eve  with light.
On Sunday i left very very early to get the train to Arnhem, A big Felt exposition was there. I would meet some other felters I know, plus I was curious to see what  they all made. This time I thought it was time to wear my felted skirt and  most favourite shawl again. Fitted to the exposition . Unfortunately no pictures....

The time there was great, but also emotional... meeting friends again,  fellow felters, seeing how they proceed in their felting skills and me not being able to felt, something I did  nearly everyday .But my time wil come again too, I am sure.

The day after it was a cold one again with lots of wind and I missed my favourite shawl.... Thinking back , I was 100% sure I lost it on my trainjourney back.. so I called with both traincomapnies, filled in missing object forms but also was realisitc, I was never going to see it back.... just like my phone, I accepted it. Tried not to think about it anymore. And then after a morning being with Meg, coming back I saw it hanging on the heater... I felt very happy.

and another miracle happened , someone contacted my husband to say they found my phone!! I am super super happy and bought flowers, chocolates and a card  to give to this person. I got all my phone numbers back and most important the pictures and films too.

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  1. Hopefully from now on everything will be much better, you deserve it!


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