Friday, 18 December 2015

A special day

Today exactly a year ago on December 18th 2014 we came back to the South of the Netherlands called Limburg, Our own area with our own typical dialect. Closer to our family and freinds again. Tilburg was 1hr 30 min drive. Nevertheless looking back on it I am soooo happy we went there to  start with Meg's rehabilitation. It was a speciel period where I met also many other parents in the same situation. That's something unique for Tilburg, all patients have the same (in gradations) Here in Adelante also other children with other problems are getting therapy,

Last year it was an exciting day, a new start at a new place. The difference with now cannot be bigger. Said the doctor in January 2015, Meg wil not be able to stand. She now is able  to make small standing transfers from bed to wheelchair. She kept suprising everyone. The most progress was in the beginning of this year, Nowadays not that much but stil small things. And many small things make one big thing  ;-)

With the Cliniclowns in Tilburg
ready to drive off for the first time to home in Bunde, February 2nd 2015
March 6th 2015 a sistershugs while standing
in de Ronald McDonaldkindervallei
Second visit by taxi, to her betgrandmother. April 21th. it was the alst time my gandmother was outisde a week later she passed away <3 
In the hospital to remove her PEGsonde  finally, June 18th 
August 18th

From September I was able to take her with me  to my new temporary place in Ulestraten. every weekend

It was an incredible year lots happened. But we stil aren't there where we want to be, Meg was dismissed from the Adelante Valkhorst rehablilitation centre to live at home from September 2015, but due to the fact my house hasn´t got the improvements to Meg needs we are stil (very  very impatiently ) waiting for a house in Bunde to be adjusted. She can stay for the time being at the Valkhorst.  I am now resetting my expectations about living together with Meg to Summer 2016...  Living in Ulestraten isn't the same, I miss my family and friends. Hardly no one comes for a visit and when we go for a walk we don;t meet others whom we know. I hope in Bunde we wil meet others again. Would do so good for Meg, Janna and me I am sure. 

I am wishing you all a wonderful Christmas time and a huge Thank You from the bottom of my heart to all of you whom supported us in any way last 1,5 year. Thanks!


  1. I walk with you all the way. Meg and your family are always in my thought. I know the love and care you offered to sweet Meg all paid off. It's a long route in life but Meg steps forward and makes miracle. Keep up! Love to you all !

  2. Wat een prachtige laatste foto's Kim! Hopelijk is 2016 een nog beter jaar dan 2015 voor jullie!


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