Monday, 7 September 2015


Is it wednesday already?? I wanted to write about our weekend of 3,4 and 5 July. We rented again that wheelchair bus. Which gave me a wonderfull feeling of being free to go whenever I wanted to go with Meg too. 

On Friday Janna was having her final revue, as she is going to leave elementary school, passing on to a new school next year. Her teacher and classmates practiced a lot all not telling anyone about the show. Parents (including me) helped to sew their costumes made the decor. Janna wanted Meg also to be there. Meg was also on the same school but never went back there after the accident. So we arrived there and Janna and her classmates were already  awaitingus in a frame, they were a living artwork. As art was also this schoolyears theme. 

After the photoshoot was done Janna came to greet us. She looked so beautyfull! a real teenager to be. The visiters had to take their places and for Meg was a special place reserved. Janna was nervous and we al anxious to see the show. 
They made their entrance and the show was a great one. Meg enjoyed it, but when the group started playing she started typing too... " what about my final show last year? " She cried  a lot, realising she missed that out. I was "happy" to see this happening, nevertheless I was crying myself too. After the show we all went outside and there Meg wanted to walk towards a bench she knew from her schoollife. the power she showed!! amazing, Ofcourse we had to hold her but she had to move her legs herself and she did !! Powergirl! 



  1. Meg has such a willpower, she will surprise everyone even more.
    Love to see the girls together.


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